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hearing aid

for totally deaf - no need for ear
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Our skin, say on forearm can usually feel vibrations of a speaker when it touches it ; We can replace earphone part of hearing aid by flat speakers which can make good contact with skin. Thus, to "hear" or feel a sound, deaf person puts the speaker on any part of his/her body and feels vibrations instead of putting earphone in ear; (earphne of a hearing aid is replaced by a speaker.)

From those vibrations, a deaf person can tell if there is a sound present or not, or how loud it is. This could be better than nothing. And this could be used to "hear" morse code.

VJW, Nov 30 2010


       Cochlear implants tend to work well in cases of profound deafness (i.e. bad enough that conventional hearing aids are ineffective), they are very expensive though.
Spacecoyote, Nov 30 2010

       Agreed. I think cost is the major advantage here; plus simplicity of "installation".
VJW, Dec 06 2010

       Jo Brand on Van Goch: It was a bit more than that. I mean he was, like, seriously mentally ill, rather than, "not a happy bunny."
po, Dec 06 2010


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