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here is your flying car

aircraft powered with nuclear isomers are published this idea uses quantum teleportation of photons to ionize the air advance of their acoustic pattern to make them silent
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Nuclear isomers are eyebrow raising Elements like Ha as well as potentially Th have nucleus geometry anomaly energy that is larger than their fissile energy

a few years ago a Hungarian with a medical x ray machine got some Ha to emit much more radiation from a much milder stimulus than was thought possible

New Scientist reported on the use of Nuclear isomer fuel on a test plane

Now, with enough photons you can ionize air; slightly moist air is particularly effective

With sufficiently large amounts of energy you deform the gas ahead of the acoustic noise of a flying car such that most of the noise is reflected away from ground Quiet pleasant flying cars are a must

a standing wave hologram is a possibility yet even niftier is the use of quantum teleportation as there is no beam angle

with truly large amounts of quantum linked high energy photons you can make high energy photons appear at a distance from the source these suddenly appear then ionize the gas around them to reflect the acoustic noise that is arriving at the same time

a startling new source of ultra high energy photons is x radiation from sticky tape[Nature link] sticky tape radiation generators could activate the nuclear isomer material as well as possibly provide a collimmated x ray beam to produce very high energy quantum linked photons perhaps even quantum linked x rays

The nifty part is the thorium; if thorium, which is fabulously cheap, can be made to hyperadiate from blowing around what amounts to a plastic vacuum van de graff generator as an aerosol then you have an atomic motor

beanangel, Oct 22 2008

hyper awesome video of triboluminescent radiation http://www.nature.c...ideoarchive/x-rays/
[beanangel, Oct 22 2008]

Nuclear isomers http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Nuclear_isomer
[beanangel, Oct 22 2008]

Nature article on triboluminescent high energy radiation http://www.nature.c...ll/nature07378.html
[beanangel, Oct 24 2008]

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       aside from my idea I'm kind of thrilled to think that astrophysics may change as the triboluminescent contribution to radiation measurements is considered; the article says peak power of more than 100 mW Many here will associate that laser or LED output, the sticky tape isn't a coherent emitter yet this is easily imaginable as a coherent microcomponent like a blu-ray laser that gives a large number of storage medium size ncreases as well as hyperfine semiconductor fab density resolution   

       Keeping with astrophysics I think much research is on plasma generated radiation yet that particles moving at human speeds produce high energy radiation is a thrill   

       Theres likely a bunch of people saying things like should we be detecting radiation along a plane from saturns rings or, hey, do you think the asteroid belt is covered with unique daughter elements from all that dust rubbing together   

       Is there a chunks of triboluminescent matter at ntersteller distances creates a unique radiation profile that identifies planetary systems effect A fine way to find habitable planets the current high quality wobble detection mostly finds gas giants yet a triboluminescent radiation profile unique to cohesive matter could point directly to earthish planets
beanangel, Oct 22 2008

       //a standing wave hologram is a possibility yet even niftier is the use of quantum teleportation as there is no beam angle//   

       Neither will actually work, however, because of the sub-etha nullification of the conibbling constant found in the fissible material. This was well established by Herbert Marcuse as early as 1963. This does not even take into account hen-korm interference or nagoy radiation stream modulation.
nomocrow, Oct 23 2008

       so there!
You tell'im [nomocrow]!
gnomethang, Oct 23 2008

       /there is no beam angle/ sp: beanangel?
david_scothern, Oct 23 2008

       [beanangel] you don't 'alf write some bollocks.
DiveTart, Oct 23 2008

       I think I saw this exact same idea in my spam box the other day...
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2008

       Wow, that X-ray production by scotch tape is really neat.
quantum_flux, Oct 25 2008

       .... and probably accounts for the large increase in malignant carcinomas since sticky tape was invented .......
8th of 7, Oct 25 2008


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