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"Session" for session musician; "Master" for ease of usage; and "i" for marketability.
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I write music as a hobby, and usually the arrangements I desire for my penned melodies require a guitar or bass. Since I don't play either of the aforementioned instruments, it's hard for me to record these songs without using synthesized instruments, which often lack the effect of an actual real-life recording. Of course, I don't really know that many people who play these instruments, and none of the players I do know are really interested in playing someone else's music.

What would be useful would be a website where trained musicians can register their services. Players of different instruments could advertise their skills on a marketplace, and songwriters who require session musicians can send available musicians sheet music to play from. The musicians would then record the music and send it back to the writer in return for a fee. The website could provide recording equipment and advertising space in return for a part of the musicians' earnings through the service.

If you've written a symphony but can't play the viola, or you have the best polka melody ever but don't own an accordion, or if you want to record a death metal song but can't sound like cookie monster whilst singing, then this is the website for you.

DrWorm, Oct 27 2009

Prior art eMelody
eMelody: An extremely similar idea of mine of which this is a continuation. [DrWorm, Oct 27 2009]

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       This is a great idea!   

       Build a community with reputation/feedback system. Some sort of auction system for contracting it. Budding session musicians (from all over the world) could do some free work to build a reputation.   

       With the cost of recording so low, this could actually be done. The website shouldn't pay for any recording, that's too expensive/complicated. Writers should provide a click track for session musicians.
calculust, Oct 28 2009

       This is cool and I wonder if it could be expanded to cover other art forms. (+)
MisterQED, Oct 28 2009

       I remember having a very similar idea back in my undergrad days (during a business case-study class) - we called it MusicPool. I think it's a go-er.   

Jinbish, Oct 28 2009

       I've done this (minus the website thing) and at various times have had access to all sorts of pro musicians, but of course you realize you're just establishing a lower rank of studio musicians, and one without unionized standards.   

       The real problems occur when the people who advertise themselves as "musicians" aren't up to the quality that the people who are sending in 2gb .wav's of themselves humming a melody off-key, expect.
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2009

       Well, that's the point. Amateur musicians for amateur songwriters. I imagine that if someone submitted a tape of them burping the alphabet instead of playing a guitar riff, they would be banned.
DrWorm, Oct 28 2009

       //banned// more likely there'd be a new sample-set of burps. I like the idea, but the logistics would be a pain as a business. Doable as a freebie site.
FlyingToaster, Oct 29 2009


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