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lawnmower attachment for pickup truck

quick way to mow large acreages of grass
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For the large property owner without a tractor and the free time to mow their property with a ride-on mower. The rotary mower attaches to the back of a pickup truck in similar fashion as the already invented versions that attach to tractors and ATVs. Be sure to not use after a rain. Not very manuverable.
gizmosteve, Apr 29 2006

(?) One of many. http://www.epinions...29/display_~reviews
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 29 2006]

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       What powers it? I assume the tractor versions are PTO driven, but I'm not familiar with the ATV ones. How exactly would it differ from the ATV version?
Texticle, Apr 29 2006

       If its a reel mower, it would not need power.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 29 2006

       When I was a kid, my Dad hooked up a self-powered mower deck to the van, in order to trim our two acres. It was a simple towed deck with a small gas engine powering it.
spacer, May 05 2006


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