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legalized voluntary topless bartendressing

"hey- how ya doin. what can i getcha?"
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jimmy- i went there in 88. wonder if it's still there.
gnormal, Feb 16 2001

Topless Bartending Academy http://toplessacademy.com/
now we're getting somewhere. [gnormal, Feb 21 2005]

It's not a bar ... but hey, you're not interested in the drink anyway! http://www.eveningt...i/news/5025548.html
[Jinbish, Feb 23 2005]


       ...in your dreams.
hippo, Feb 16 2001

       I don't understand the "volunteer" part. Paid topless barmaids are certainly common enough.
egnor, Feb 17 2001

       the bars with the volunteers always seem to have a far far better atmosphere. it is easier to breathe. there is more good cheer, and some even say that the beer tastes better. as a result, the tips almost always total more than the takehome of the salaried places.
gnormal, Feb 17 2001

       And where exactly is this heretoforethought mythical place?
thumbwax, Feb 17 2001

       it is receding from us as we speak, as the fishbone raises its ugly tail. and that is a shame. however thumb, i am still hoping for a turnaround. let's all do our part!
gnormal, Feb 17 2001

       what I don't understand, gnormal, is how THIS idea got voted down, but it's counterpart is (presently) neutral? /me scratches head
absterge, Feb 18 2001

       Not that I voted on either one, but I'd guess that a general sense that it'd be easier to get men to volunteer to publicly drop trou than to get women to volunteer to publicly deblouse has something to do with it.
Uncle Nutsy, Feb 18 2001

       I think this got voted down because it's a *common* idea/ dream of some people and the other idea is a bit more novel. But I just changed my vote since I think more people should have less clothes in general.
futurebird, Feb 18 2001

       some people like nekkidness, some people like beer.. stands to reason we can get them together we can save ourselves some time. maybe we can also get nekkid beer during football games.
tierrie, Feb 19 2001

       please, brothers and sisters, half a croissant is not enough. every vote counts or we'll never get it into production! think happy hour.
gnormal, Feb 20 2001

       "Mr. Sealy, George Michael and TAFKAP are holding on line 2..."
iuvare, Feb 20 2001

       you are right peter. i have therefor changed my idea slightly (as evidenced in the slightly modified idea name).
gnormal, Feb 20 2001

       In response to the new title: why not just legalize female toplessness in general? Why restrict it to bartendressing (which I don't think is even a word)?   

       I know that in some places (NYC; Vancouver BC, Ontario, other places in Canada) women have successfully argued that they should be allowed to take their tops off on hot days if they want to, on the basis that it's legal for men. (Interesting factoid from one of the wackier sites I found on this topic: until the 1930s, it was illegal for *men* to go topless, at least in NYC.) The pro-toplessness folk seem to have chosen the word "topfree", so if you want to do a web search, that's the keyword to use.   

       In my experience I think that on average, women naked in non-sexual situations are about as attractive as they are clothed, once the novelty wears off. Some people look better naked, some people look worse.
wiml, Feb 20 2001

       Sounds like you can see Monty Python too.
blahginger, Feb 21 2001

       an ideological setback- notes from the field:   

       > Hey there! How are you? I am back from my trips - I made it back safely
> from Mexico City, and Fort Lauderdale. I went to Florida to see if the
> topless doughnut shop was still in business. Apparently it closed years
> ago. Too bad. I heard that the topless carwash also closed!
gnormal, Mar 16 2001

       If "bartendressing" isn't a word, it ought to be.
deacon, May 12 2001

       Anyone ready to post a 'Clothing Optional Nation' idea?
phoenix, Aug 24 2001

       [Mephista] Maybe. But in Iceland, who would want to?
phoenix, Aug 24 2001

       Phoenix and Mephista: Once I saw this thing in Playboy where there were some naked Icelandic ladies (in Iceland, presumably) playing in some lake or spring or something outdoors. This was several years ago. <p> Why is it that in America, there is this thing about women's breasts being a sexual organ or something? I have at least as good an argument that the face is a sexual organ, or that the feet are a sexual organ, I think.
juuitchan3, Jun 15 2002

       Um... no offense, but I don't think it would be a good idea. A topless woman with a lot of drunk men? Would the men be able to control themselves? Um, I mean, three beers for me and even the *men* start looking good sometimes.
juuitchan3, Jun 15 2002

       Support nekkid equity.
polartomato, Jun 15 2002

       gnormal stole my thunder!   

       I remember a topless donut shop in Ft. Lauderdale called "R Donuts". That's been closed for a couple of years now.
jimmyg869, Aug 21 2002

       I think it is a good idea. Topless women would be good for business. But, like juuitchan3, drunk men could be embarrassing, even dangerous, perhaps squeezing the women's breasts. And some people find topless woman shocking. But really, women's breasts are just natural, like a man's chest. Men are just taking a horribly long time to figure that out. >:-(
aquakat, Nov 11 2003

       So what do you guys think about public toplessness?
aquakat, Nov 11 2003

       Uh, I'm all for it. Because I'm a sexist pig. :) No seriously? It's an absurd social more that women wear more clothes than men.
Madcat, Feb 19 2004

       It seems moronic to me that the state has the power to decide what business owners can allow in their own establishments. Restaurants, bars, donut shops, whatever, are not public places, but private property. Customers and employees are invited guests of the proprietor and if they don't like the rules (smoking, topless women, etc.) then they should not patronize the place.   

       It is embarrasing that most Americans care so little about their individual liberties. The home of the free? Bah, humbug! OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.
rickhoran, Feb 19 2004

       It was a woman by the name of Gwen Jacob in Guelph Ontario who started this whole Canadian topless thing.   

       The US is like a husband beating wife who says you can do what you want then beats you up when you do it.   

       Canada is more like a friend with benefits. Get your rocks off without drama.
Giblet, Feb 22 2005

       So should it be Canada, land of the free? [Giblet]
froglet, Feb 22 2005

       No... it's "The true north strong and free".   

       It's part of our Anthem.   

       For redundancy sake we don't need to adopt the US slogan.
Giblet, Feb 23 2005


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