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lifting change

a handle for getting change out of those tiny pockets
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Whether passing a busker, buying a social sausage or paying for traffic light windscreen washing, it is nearly impossible to get the coins from my jean's coin pocket.

I suggest a small plastic insert that lines the pocket. A protruding tab would allow easy withdraw. The lip at the bottom of the insert would have a curvature to cup coins, thingamabobs and left out screws. The plastic would have to be flexible enough to be comfortable but not lose its primary function. A 3D printer might be the go for a mockup and a picture of the pocket would give dimensions.

Or should I just heed the jeans manufacturers warning?

wjt, Jun 14 2014

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       Baked. The polythene coin bags used by banks.
8th of 7, Jun 14 2014

       Is that the protruding tab from your plastic insert, or are you just happy to see me?   

       I suspect the problem is that your jeans are too tight. Granted: you turn admiring heads as you saunter dangerously down the street, social sausage in hand. A social good, to be sure. But for days when you are inclined to put screws in your pocket, more proletarian pants might be in order. Then you could just augment the pockets with durable fabric and have room for your hand.
bungston, Jun 14 2014

       //coin pocket// sp "watch".
FlyingToaster, Jun 14 2014


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