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linear to rotary

Acurafan07 inspired ideas
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So the problem is converting linear to rotary motion.

Couldn't you use pressurized air to get around this? I propose a simple engine: cylinder1 is the power piston. Cylinder 1 has a stiff rod that is attached to cylinder2.

Cylinder2 compresses air, which either drives a turbine directly, or is used as a head to force water into a pelton turbine.

nomocrow, Oct 09 2007


       Naa, the air 'fluid' resistence and air pressure losses are far greater that the mechanical linkage used by acura, or for this matter crankshaft, rod and piston setups.   

       This is why we don't all have a gas turbine engine in our car, the mechanical linkage in a ICE is more efficient at converting the energy into rotary motion.   

       So, I give the idea a [-] but Im not actually going to vote.
evilpenguin, Oct 09 2007


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