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massage mattress

Bed with a face hole for stomach-sleepers
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People who sleep on their stomach have to twist their neck to breathe. Massage tables often have a hole to breathe through in order to let the patient fully relax.

Ideal beds for stomach sleepers would have a similar face-sized tunnel that allows the neck to remain straight during the night, and that allows the person to breathe easily.

(This might also have some medical applications in cases where people cannot swallow their own saliva; this type of bed would allow it to drop down, rather than accumulating.)

Problems: Linen, beds without holes in them, stuff dripping to the floor, difficulty to tell whether your partner is still breathing.

jutta, Feb 11 2000

Now in the "Skymall" catalogue. http://www.flickr.c...25/in/pool-skymall/
Mmmh, cheese. [jutta, Oct 25 2007]

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       Some inventor guy claimed to have made a bed with a groove in it, into which you can place your lower arm, so you can sleep with both arms around your partner.
rmutt, Mar 03 2000

       This "face-tunnel" could yield some unusual new dreams. (or nightmares) I wonder how many people would dream they were stuck in a birth canal only big enough for their head?
johan, Mar 03 2000

       Hospital equipment suppliers' catalogues list [surely] a variety of foam supports designed for all kinds of nursing needs especially post-operative?   

       I've seen some in use but took them for granted - being at the time post-operative myself.
rayfo, Oct 18 2000

       And a special version of this bed for pregnant ladies who want to continue sleeping on their stomach!!!
jetckalz, Oct 18 2000

       *That* is both solveable and solved. (That you don't breathe with your belly makes things a lot easier.)
jutta, Oct 18 2000

       A good reason to clean under the bed...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       How many stomach-sleepers actually lie in that position for the whole night? Can you imagine the horror of waking up and finding the red marks and bruises on your face from when you'd tried to roll over during the night?
Mr Phase, Jul 13 2005

baconbrain, Jul 13 2005

       The hole need not be so sharp edged. it can be soft and made of foam.
kamathln, Nov 12 2008


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