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moon rocks

Sell moon rocks to everyone
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There are a great many rockhounds looking for special rocks all the time, and it has created any number of small businesses purveying ornamental or just odd rocks, and suppliers keeping the retail outlets stocked, etc.

When the US was in the moon business, we brought back loads of moon rocks, and some made it into the open market, where they commanded a good price, but NASA has foolishly gone and grabbed them all back.

Today the cost of putting up satellites is much lower. I propose we send up a small factory that grabs rocks from the moon, puts them in a bag, then throws that bag to earth. The bag would, ideally, be heat resistant, but reentry will be much easier for rocks than it would for humans. Said rocks are then sold on the open market, and everyone is happy.

Everyone, that is, except NASA.

ReBuildIt, Feb 25 2013

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       "everyone is happy"   

       Guessing you never read The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress...
DrCurry, Feb 25 2013

       This is going to make the earth heavier. I'm all for that. More hours in the day...
RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2013

       While the rocks could obviously be used to win the moon's independence, Mike says he wants to improve his aim first.
ReBuildIt, Feb 25 2013

       Nice. [+]
Alterother, Feb 25 2013


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