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nibbles dispenser

something along the lines of optic dispensers in pubs
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stave off the pangs of hunger with a row of little dispensers that you can access safely while driving. I’d like one for peanuts, one for jelly babies and one for chewing gum bites. raise the opening mechanism and out pop your nibbles. no fumbling with bags or wrappers, no nibbles all over the floor. no nasty accidents.
po, Apr 13 2002


       I like this. However, there might be a safety issue; it would be worse than footering with your radio. Perhaps tubes dangling from the car ceiling into yer gub?
calum, Apr 13 2002

       If it could create hot cheese and onion rolls, or cheese and spring onion sandwich I'd vote ten fold, or maybe stilton and onion served on a tuc buscuit. Love it
arora, Apr 13 2002

       If you want a vending machine in your car, you're going to need a bigger car.
quarterbaker, Apr 15 2002

       driving with po must be a treat! is it a car or a candy store on wheels.
rbl, Apr 15 2002

       Sorry to be a downer, but didn't Wayne (of Wayne's World fame) already do this with cherry licorish whips?
barnzenen, Apr 15 2002

       Yeah he did. Although jelly babies would be much cooler.
kaz, Apr 15 2002

       Just do like I do and use the ashtray for skittles and breathmints.
gastronaut, Jul 11 2002

       ...whats an "optic dispenser"?
senatorjam, Jul 11 2002

       senatorjam: an optic dispenser is a small automatic measuring device which is fitted into the neck of an inverted bottle of spirits or other high-value alcoholic beverage. When the lever is pressed, a valve opens and the contents of the optic drains into the waiting glass below. When the lever is released, the bottom valve closes and the top one opens, allowing the air in the optic to bubble up into the bottle; the optic itself refills automatically with a corresponding volume of liquid. They are universally used in British pubs for the dispensing of spirits, which must be served in measured amounts by law. Publicans can be heavily fined for serving short measure. Likewise, to maximise profit, they don't want to serve too generously. The optic achieves this quite neatly.
8th of 7, Jul 11 2002

       excellent description ,bugsy.
po, Jul 11 2002


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