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A backward, poorly thought out landing strip.
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An airport designed to be approached backward by flying into a headwind that's slightly stronger than the plane's forward thrust. The plane drifts slowly, gently to the ground, resulting in less wear and tear on the landing gear, less jarring about of the plane's contents, and less chance of gaining FAA approval than John McCain's former running mate has of gaining enough supporters to carry her bid for the presidency.

It can be approached from the other end in the normal fashion, but who'd want to do a silly thing like that?

(Note: beneath the pun and dripping satire, there really is an idea in there)

21 Quest, Dec 05 2009

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Equations for Takeoff and Landing http://www.aoe.vt.e...takeoff&landing.pdf
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       Party boobytrap
xaviergisz, Dec 06 2009

       Nice... is it wrong, by the way, that I think it would be neat to actually watch a pilot try to pull off such a landing?
21 Quest, Dec 06 2009

       But once the plane had landed, would it ever get off the ground again ? [+]

       (A Fieseler Storch is quite capable of this sort of maneuver by the way) <link>
8th of 7, Dec 06 2009

       Palin- drone.... sound of Sarah Palin endlessly repeating herself like a broken record.
xenzag, Dec 06 2009

       //The plane drifts slowly, gently to the ground//

       Yeah, but it still has to decelerate, which in this case would be similar to hitting extreme turbulence. So the landing, while possibly gentle, would be preceded by screams and wild gyrations.
ldischler, Dec 06 2009

       This idea might work better for men in wing suits, though there's the problem of landing and being blown back and killed by the air blast. A landing strip full of man-sized holes might solve that problem.
ldischler, Dec 06 2009

       I thought about the deceleration, and I figure all the pilot has to do is just feather the props, dontcha know. We seen 'em do dumber stuff than that all the time across the Strait in Russia. I think the dozen other hockey dads in the state'll agree with me, and if you do this it'll make sure nasty things like 9/11 don't ever happen again, so I'm a true redblooded patriot! Now where's my shotgun...?
21 Quest, Dec 06 2009

       Sounds kinda reasonable, as the pilot would get a lot more time to think about, effectively they could hover.

       On the subjects of airports, how about one designed by a guy with an obviously fake name (Lorenzo Piano), stuck together by skilled (ahem) English workmen, all built on an island made out of household waste.

       Said island now has developed a tilt and said airport is now being jacked up in places to keep it level. Kansai Airport in Osaka if you are wondering..   

       It's just a variation of what flattops do when they steer into the wind.

       In WW2, carriers could steam at 20 knots and upwards. Add a 20 knot headwind, and small recon aircraft that can land at 55 knots with full flap are therefore crawling over the deck at 15 knots. Hardly a challenge, and not much need for an arrestor wire - just stick your umbrella out of the window and hook on to something......
8th of 7, Dec 07 2009


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