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photodielectric effect makes better chips.

Strobe lights and a Van de Graaff generator attached to a deep fat fryer
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Flash, crackle and pop. Supreme softness, fluffiness and delicious greasy goodness in a 1/4 inch square stick of sliced tuber.

With apologies to [beanangel]

pocmloc, Oct 12 2009

photodielectric effect makes better chips photodielectric_20e...es_20better_20chips
The real thing [pocmloc, Oct 12 2009]


       And instead of an annoying beeping noise to tell you the chips are ready, it should let out an evil laugh.   

phoenix, Oct 13 2009

       Knife switches. It needs knife switches.
RayfordSteele, Oct 13 2009

       this reminds me of the idea to put amusing phrases on edible chips with a laser then people could type the tinyURL or better, just take a picture of the edible chips particular QR code with their handyphone   

       the nifty part is it makes the edible chips complimentary as a form of advertising thus giving away food
beanangel, Nov 30 2011


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