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revolving door

out you get fool
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We are all aware of the revolving door and the problems some of us appear to have with same. Of particular note and annoyance are those of us who can't quite get to grips with exiting this revolving conundrum. I believe some sort of aid is indeed necessary to help those 'strugglers' to exit the 'revolver' at the appropriate time. I feel that a spring activated mechanism (nothing too robust) should be in place to help those slower members of society off the thing. A reassuring shove is all that is needed. This will have to be in operation for all 'passengers' as clumsiness/awkwardness/slowness of mind, are not always recognisable from a first glance, especially if the one doing the recognising/pushing is a large rotating door. This device will unfortunately lead to the extinction of those wholly amusing sights that involve large old ladies missing the appropriate 'turn-off' again and again and again.... fortunately the amusement factor is heavily out weighed by the annoyance factor and therefore the idea wins the day.
garlic twins, Nov 08 2001

Shove some of them into here. http://www.halfbake...r_20human_20sampler
[angel, Nov 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       You might make up for the lost comical effect by installing a device to shout, "..AND STAY OUT!" every time it gives someone the shove.
stupop, Nov 08 2001

       Two ideas posted and only the fat, the slow & the elderly abused so far. I really don't think that you're trying very hard, garlic twins. There are lot's more people than this that you could pick on.
DrBob, Nov 08 2001

       What, like doctors and guys called knob, iii mean bob. Sorry about that, touch of the old freudian blip there bob.
garlic twins, Nov 09 2001

       Ah, then it all goes horribly awry when the timing mechanism mis-steps and begins shoving people face-first into the glass surround. Lip prints and saliva everywhere!
phoenix, Nov 09 2001

       Isn't it strange that it took me 'bout a month to initiate a rivalry with PeterSealy, but garlic twins just jumps right in, arse first.
[ sctld ], Jan 10 2002

       when u patent it, you could call it the Revolting Door. or the Puking Morrison.
notripe, Jan 10 2002


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