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rope/integral knot instructions

It came in a dream...
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Apologies if in the wrong category.

I'll try to be succint. While having a dream of being in the position of needing some help, I tried to explain to my would be rescuer that if they removed their trousers(the only thing available on location) and tied one leg end to a stable point, and the other leg end to an ankle, we would both be safer in the facilitation of removal of my predicament.

While this was occuring, I thought... "I wonder if they can tie a good knot"...

My idea is to have a rope that has instructions pre-printed directly on the ends of a rope for a secure anchor knot if the rope is sufficiently thick to do this, or have the instructions printed on material tags(someone mentioned the tough material used for clothing tags on another idea, but I can't remember the name of it) spaced at intervals near the ends, whereas if the rope is snaked together to lay the tags side by side, one could use the pictures to tie a good knot without tying the next tag into the knot until that step is followed.



nth, Nov 30 2005

a diagram running through it like seaside rock... http://www.scriptur...derock/col_logo.jpg
[po, Dec 01 2005]


       cockamamie (+)
JesusHChrist, Dec 01 2005

       Sheesh, if you don't know how to knot a rope, you shouldn't be halfway up a rock face looking for instructions.   

       And we won't even go near that dream.
DrCurry, Dec 01 2005

       Heh. [Dr.]   

       Was thinking more, in the dream, I couldn't see what they were doing. I can tie a ton of knots.   

       Never know when one might have to rely on a passerby.
nth, Dec 01 2005

       I hope, were I ever in your perilous situation, those pants were inspected and not shoddy. That would be a bad time to rip the crotch out of your pants.   

       Everyone needs to know how to tie some basic knots .. what if you were to find two stray cats and wanted to take them home? Using the rope as a drawstring in your pants, tie off each leg and drop in a cat. Now you can carry your kitties and swing your arms a little so as to not tire them excessively.
reensure, Dec 01 2005

       Since rope is made of strands, I fear it'd be impossible to print instructions running through the middle. Shame, really.
On the other hand, I like the idea of having little labels spaced along it. This would make a brilliant training toy for sailing schools, etc. Also very decorative, and any that aren't needed for instructions could be used as tibetan prayer flags, or sold as advertising space.
moomintroll, Dec 01 2005

       don't give up so easily! if each strand was a different colour and put in exactly the right place (keep the design simple, of course)
po, Dec 01 2005

       Also useful for kidnap victims, They can read the rope in reverse which will help them untie the knots...
Minimal, Dec 01 2005

       I'm waiting for BungCo to release extra-strong RescuePants ® before I go predicament hunting.
not_only_but_also, Dec 02 2005


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