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silent option on UPS

A UPS that doesnt beep unless you want it to
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I have a UPS attached to my computer to keep it going for a little while when the power goes out. It works OK, but there's one thing that annoys me- It beeps every 30 seconds when it's on battery power, with no way to stop it short of turning off the UPS. Mine can be turned back on with the batteries as long as they're still charged, but it's really annoying to have to listen to that beep when the batteries aren't even running low!!!!!!! And when the batteries DO run low, oh my god, get some earplugs, because it emits a CONTINOUS "Beeeeeeeeeeeep" until you shut it off or it goes dead!!!!!

There really should be a switch somewhere that dictates when the UPS beeps. A good solution would be a 3-position switch Pos 1- Alarm sounds when on batteries pos 2- Alarm sounds when batteries are low pos 3- alarm disabled This may in fact be baked on more expensive equipment in some way or another- so forgive me if I posted an already-baked idea.

Dickcheney6, Nov 01 2008


       Many, if not most, UPSes have a "silence" button. Many of the rest can be programmed via their USB or serial ports.
phoenix, Nov 01 2008

       Have you RTFM (Read The Fine Manual) ? Even your UPS might have one.
kamathln, Nov 02 2008

       The absolute ONLY button on my ups is the POWER button- and no, you don't hold it down to turn it off-it shuts off/turns on immediatly whether you hold it or just press and immediatly release it, which rules out the possibility that you press it in some weird sort of sequence or hold it down to silence it
Dickcheney6, Nov 02 2008

       Mine has a silence button. However, you have to silence it for each and every individual outage. Or blip.   

       And software management doesn't help me any because the UPS, during my off hours, is only driving my alarm clock.
lurch, Nov 02 2008

       Break into it, and put a switch in series with one of the leads to the buzzer.
neelandan, Nov 03 2008

       What [neelandan] said. Actually, I came here to give the same annotation, but [neelandan] reached first :)
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       I could probably wire in a switch to the speaker or just disable the speaker, but I'd be worried that I'd mess something else up trying to get to it. I wonder if the MFR would just do it for you? They'd likely charge an arm and a leg just to disable the speaker, though :)
Dickcheney6, Nov 08 2008

       So, not an optionally optional Ninja parcel delivery service option, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 08 2008

       A package thrust under my nose, and the man hisses in my ear: <whisper> "sign here".
neelandan, Nov 09 2008


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