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Slide shaped like an owl
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I want to build a massive slide in the shape of a huge owl. You would enter the slide by climbing a huge ladder into the ear of the owl. The slide would go through the stomach, past the intestine, and out the anus.

I will call it the.... Owl Bowel

EdisonsBitch, Oct 08 2008

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       I think you'll find that a bird's exit is a cloaca, not an anus.   

       I think you'll find that the Owl Bowel vowel is "ewwww".   

       I think you'll find this place amusing.   

baconbrain, Oct 08 2008

       you'd exit as a pellet!   

       I think you are as daft as a brush but welcome.
po, Oct 08 2008

       I deleted my anno of "Twit!".
gnomethang, Oct 08 2008

       //twit/ great anno.
po, Oct 08 2008

       Huge slide shaped like a secret agent: the.... Clandestine Intestine
Huge slide shaped like a bear: The.... Bear Tract
Huge slide shaped like a soldier: The.... GI's GI.
Huge slide shaped like a politician: The.... Parlimentary Alimentary.
Huge slide shaped like a bacterium: The.... Botulinum Jejunum.
Huge slide shaped like a talk show host: The.... Cavity of Hannity
Huge slide shaped like a wild cat: The.... Lynx Pharynx.

daseva, Oct 08 2008

       Nicely done, [daseva]
gnomethang, Oct 08 2008

       Ed, this needs to be a song. Tune up your 12 string. "Owl Bowel" is the chorus. It would be peppy and upbeat, with lyrics describing the features you mention. The bridge, however would be slow and pensive, occupied with metaphysical ramifications. Following the bridge there could be a solo of hooting, then hooting and farting, before getting back to the chorus.
bungston, Oct 08 2008

       I should add that the title of idea should really include words to the effect of "owl" and "bowel".
bungston, Oct 08 2008

       Welcome! I love your idea but I'm boning you anyway! because I'm jealous! And drank way too much caffine!
Voice, Oct 09 2008

       Other similar examples on Bakery already exist ie ideas where you travel through an anatomical system - but always room for another, so welcome Edi and feed your owl on this croissant +
xenzag, Oct 09 2008

       // you'd exit as a pellet! //
Through the beak?
coprocephalous, Oct 09 2008

       By the way [EdisonsBitch], you aren't allowed to post puns here. Fortunately this is obviously a great idea. [+]   

       If you build it from brick you'll need to use the Owl Bowel Trowel.
wagster, Oct 09 2008

       [EdisonsBitch] you may want to obfuscate your email address on your profile page.
coprocephalous, Oct 09 2008

       Hi Dr. Hoo!
xandram, Oct 09 2008

       [copro] you learn something new every day here!   

       Bill Oddie would be ashamed of me!
po, Oct 09 2008

       //If you build it from brick you'll need to use the Owl Bowel Trowel//

This would obviously need some sort of weather-proof jacket so an Owl Bowel Trowel Cowl would be in order here I think.

...the idea? Includes the words "massive", "huge" & "slide" so +. On the proviso that anyone using the slide has to dress up as a mouse first.
DrBob, Oct 09 2008

       Colon (p)Owl?
4whom, Oct 09 2008

       //you learn something new every day here//
So, [po], when you saw them on TV teasing apart an owl pellet, you thought they were handling...?..eeeewwwww!
coprocephalous, Oct 09 2008

po, Oct 09 2008

       The only part I don't understand is, //into the ear of the owl//, why not the beak?   

       Well, the beak points down, but good point.
Do owls have Eustachian tubes? Could be a bit of a squeeze.
coprocephalous, Oct 09 2008

       Gonna ride me a ride, climb on up that owl,
I'll jump in his ear, slide on down through his bowel.
It'll be such fun, and so educational,
I'll learn about all things owl digestational.

Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel.

       First the proventriculus, stomach number one,
Then there's the gizzard where the real work gets done.
Next come the intestines, both large & small,
Through the cloaca and out the vent we fall!

Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel.

This ride though the owl, enjoying his bowel, though seemingly foul, is actually very enlightening.
And it's just as well it, doesn't make me a pellet, then proceed to expel it, a fate much more frightening!

       HOOT! HOOT!
Hoot, hoot, fart.
Hoot, fart, hoot.

Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel,
Owl bowel, owl bowel.

       Repeat and fade.   

       bungston: Sorry I couldn't get all mystical, metaphorical and metaphysical in the bridge, but for a quick first attempt I like to think it has a certain je ne sais quoi. Thanks for the inspiration. You get co-writing credit, of course.
Canuck, Oct 09 2008


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