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span nails

laser reflective reusable nails to pinpoint measurements in building
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In building measuring tapes are the norm. I suggest that, with the use of span nails, laser measurement can be used to check larger more frustrating distances such as diagonals.

Span nails could include notches for string lines to help with profiles.

Span nails would be a metal plate with a spike at one end, notches at nailing depth and a head to be hammered and pulled. Each side of the nail would be highly reflective to the frequencies used in laser measuring devices. And depending on nail surface engineering, focusing as well.

The nails could be placed at accurate angles which might allow for polygon measurement as long as the last nail has a perpendicular setting.

If cheap options on seeing laser lines becomes available, strings lines might be replaced as well.

wjt, Dec 23 2014


       This needs a whole "smart construction material" series, from boards with embedded position sensors to cement that reports how hydrogenated it is.
Voice, Dec 23 2014

       Would it be possible to imprint a small open corner retro-reflector into the head of an ordinary nail with a properly shaped punch? It probably wouldn't last too long since it will rust and stop being reflective. Probably the best results would be achieved with the punch being built into a pneumatic nail gun, but you'd want it to be selectable so you only put retro- reflectors on some nail heads. And of course those would have a fairly limited useful angle as well...
scad mientist, Dec 23 2014

       Of course, too smart would be the saw verbally telling you your 100mm out.
wjt, Dec 24 2014


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