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stapler-shaped staple remover

Remove staples with a device that looks like a stapler
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Removing staples can be a tiresome task. Wouldn't it be nice to take a device that looks like a stapler (colour-coded to differentiate from stapler), but cunningly opens the staple from the bottom and pulls it out at the top?! Then you can throw your irritating staple-remover out the window, forget about torn pages, and have trendy colour-coded office stationary!

It works thus - the bottom surface of the staple-remover has two backward facing little spikes like on conventional staple-removers. The top surface has two sharpish edges that close like nail clippers over the top of the staple when fully depressed. The idea is to hold the stapler over the staple, pull it back until the bottom spikes catch. Then depress the staple-remover; when it has been depressed fully, the top clips grab the staple top and the bottom spikes move backwards to open the staple. When the stapler is released, the staple comes out with the clips, which then release the staple when fully open. What do you think?

keeno, Feb 22 2002

Like this? http://www.cleanswe...s/skugroup3728.html
Heavy-Duty Staple Remover. Stapler-shaped, with guard to stop staples flying out. [pottedstu, Feb 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

This one looks really cool http://www.cleanswe...s/skugroup3729.html
[pottedstu, Feb 22 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Would you care to describe the cunning mechanism?
angel, Feb 22 2002

       Yea - this one sounds too good to be true
marko, Feb 22 2002

       This could work. The hard part is building a mechanism that will ine up easily overtop of the existing staple to pull it out. Maybe something that cust the legs off the staple, with a magnet that holds the top of the staple when the legs are cut. Don't know where the trimmings would go.   

       Especially good for the heavy duty 25 page plus staples.
rbl, Feb 22 2002

       I don't think the color-coding would work, since I've seen staplers in just about every color under the sun. Perhaps a picture of a staple with a 'NO' circle on it or some other kind of ideogram would be better.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2002

       the little plate that sits at the bottom of the stapler (under the paper) can turn around. You then have the option of stapling with the tucked under bits going the other way. used I believe for cheques, whatever. So the resulting staple is a straight (more or less) pin of wire which you can just withdraw from the paper with your fingers. voila!
po, Feb 22 2002

       It should take the removed staple and reassemble it into a standard clip of staples that you can then remove from the staple remover and place into a stapler.
JakePatterson, Feb 22 2002

po, Feb 22 2002

       If this is impossible (I'm not sure about that), you could make a unstapable stapelr, where the staples are a bit more expensive but reusable. The stapler and destapler work as described above, and the staples themeslves would be strudier and have three parts: The back (thicker than usual and unbendable), the sturdy sides (not meant to bend) and the bending part at the tip of the stapeler.   

       What about a conventional staple remover that looks like the ones in the links above, but has an extra "protector" that slips under the paper on the open side so that the paper cannot rip?   

       I'll think about it, and prbably come up with a better and simpler solution. (Pashute in Hebrew means Simple).
pashute, Sep 30 2002

       How about one that sends a high amperage charge through the staple and just melts it out? Small CO2 stream extinguishes the paper after the current is removed.
bristolz, Sep 30 2002

       I may be weird, but I usually don't have problems with the normal stapler removers I use. Admittedly, removing a staple is a two-step process (use the remover on one side to "open" the staple, then on the other side to remove, it, and so a machine that can do both operations in a single step might be nice, but how much trouble is it really to do the two-step process?
supercat, Sep 30 2002

       I can pick them out with my teeth but then I am *hard* <g>
po, Sep 30 2002


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