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stapler sound effects

Electric staplers that sound like other things
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I would like an electric stapler that emits sounds like a bullet ricocheting or a horse neighing or a whip cracking, etc.
mrthingy, Aug 25 2000

Sound effects as performance art http://www.halfbake...20performance_20art
[hippo, Aug 25 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

U.S. patent no. 5,351,436 http://www.delphion...at.cmd/US05351436__
Fly swatter with sound effects. [beauxeault, Aug 25 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       I would like a gun, or a horse, or a whip that emits a sound like an electric stapler.
Lemon, Nov 21 2000

       Yes, I have stapled my finger. It didn't hurt at all. In fact, I could hardly even feel it.   

       Now, when I pulled it out, *that* hurt, and it bled all over the place. (Staple remover sound effects?)
egnor, Nov 22 2000

       A scream would therefore be appropriate for both the stapler and the remover.
cletusboy, Feb 14 2001

       I like the horse neighing and whip cracking....but, wait...I hear those sounds daily.... maybe a staple that emits random animal noises (moo, baaa, oink...) or yells out "yes, yes, YES!" or says other annoying phrases.... like "this report stinks" "is this important enough to staple?" etc.
Susen, Feb 21 2001

       I would prefer a stapler that when stapled, whoud emit screames and profanities along with a lot of red ink dabbed over the area of puncture.
Drondex, Jan 26 2002

       The idea is that the stapler would squirt the red ink onto the paper so it looked like the paper had bled. It's easier to built an ink cartridge into a stapler than into a million pieces of paper.
magnificat, Mar 17 2002


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