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toilet seat thermostat

a toilet seat thats not too hot and not too cold
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Have you ever met somebody that owns, or would like to own a toilet seat warmer?
If I have I dont remember them, but i have heard of people like this, and, I believe that these people are the cause of all the fighting going on around the world.
Have you ever sat on a toilet that has had somebody on it before you?Have you ever felt that?Because if you have, you would know the feeling that comes with knowing that some strangers bare, naked arse has say exactly where yours is sitting now.
This is where my idea comes in, it keeps the toilet seat at room tempreture (within reason) so that way people will never have to feel that feeling of discomfort [sic?] again.
andrew1, May 05 2005


       It is a well established fact on the 'bakery that anything to do with toilets or toilet furniture has already been invented by the Japanese. Haven't heard of this one though. +
DrBob, May 05 2005

       How about making the toilet seat out of the ceramic foam used to insulate the shuttle? Its high thermal conductivity is such that it always feels as if it is at the same temperature as your skin. Hence, the loo seat would never be chilly; nor would its skin-temperature-feeling be unpleasantly associated with recent xenogluteodermal contact.
Basepair, May 05 2005

       Low thermal conductivity.
Texticle, May 05 2005

       Uhhhh, whoops. You're right. I was using "high thermal conductivity" in the sense of "low thermal conductivity".
Basepair, May 06 2005

       Man, I have never had that happen. They do sell heated toilet seats though.. if you had the toilet seat set hotter than a human could warm it, you'd never know the difference.
SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

       xenogluteodermal... "foreign buttcheeks"... excellent.
david_scothern, May 12 2005

       //if you had the toilet seat set hotter than a human could warm it,// my bouttocks hurt just thinking about that
andrew1, May 12 2005

       My buttocks don't think much at all.
Texticle, May 12 2005

       i can only assume that the people who fishboned me were the ones who were offended by my "I believe that these people are the cause of all the fighting going on around the world."remark.
andrew1, May 13 2005


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