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touch texting

eyes free text entry
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Many phones have a little dimple so you can easily find 5 on the keypad. But touch texting can be a little hard, when you don't have any feedback as to what you're putting in.

So, feedback mechanisms to enable this:

*Simple vibrate tones could let you know whether you have a dictionary word or not.

*Vibrating morse code could feed back to you in plain text what you wrote.

*If you have headphones on, it could just read you your message as you type it in.

This would be great for taking notes as you wander around, or for surreptitiously taking notes.

conskeptical, Mar 13 2008

tactile feedback machine http://www.engadget...4/22/touch-texting/
Something I found while looking for prior art. [conskeptical, Mar 13 2008]

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recent NewScientist article [conskeptical, Mar 26 2008]

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       I like the read back feature, but it would be tough with SMS shorthand. The rest is not really usable for 99% of the people as Morse is a dying art.
MisterQED, Mar 13 2008

       I suspect that a simple dictionary would suffice for 95% of txt-spk, and for the other 5% you could just let the user provide their own mapping from txt-spk to english language (or even their own voice recording).
conskeptical, Mar 13 2008


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