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traceable keychain

miniature battery powered keychain for traceablity by radio frequency
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A keychain that emits specific radio frequency with a small built in buzzer also. Comes with a centralised control box that will activate the keychain's buzzer with a selectable button (to choose which item you want to locate). The range of the centralised control box to the keychain will be 100m. (more than that, the buzzer will be redunant) Usage: bunches of keys that are usually misplaced; cameras; PDA; etc... (anymore ideas for usage?)
potatoland, Jun 22 2003

Key Ringer http://www.keyringer.com/
[JRandMoby, Oct 04 2004]


       I'm quite sure this has been mentioned before, but am still amazed that no company has taken this up yet. Perhaps the reason is related to the secret chips they put in license plates...
git, Jun 22 2003

       Great idea, but very baked. See link.
JRandMoby, Jun 22 2003

       hmmm... could there be a cheaper version???
potatoland, Jun 23 2003

       A cheaper version of (what-have-you) isn't going anywhere.
snarfyguy, Jun 23 2003


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