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turbo charger

Scavenge the exhaust side...
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My idea pertains to the reverse effect of forced induction. (super charging, turbo chargers.) Both these mechanisms pressurize the intake side of the combustion cycle. Taking the work of the piston to "suck" the air in away from it. What if you had a turbo on the back side of the exhaust "siphoning" the exhaust out of the cylinder?....this would take the work of pushing the gasses out of the cylinder away from the piston, allowing the piston to only have to provide the power stroke. More efficient?, more power?
billiardbrawler, Oct 29 2007


       Yes to a small extent, needs something to power it though, engines tend to have trouble getting enough air in and little in expelling exhaust. An exhaust system, if designed properly will effectively scavenge the cylinder without anything else added.
the dog's breakfast, Oct 29 2007

       The purpose of superchargers and turbochargers is to push more air into the combustion chamber, increasing compression and the effeciency of combustion. The change in induction effort at the piston is very small. Race engines frequently use exhaust systems tuned to 'extract' exhaust by using gas momentum and reflected pressure waves. There is also surplus energy in the exhaust gas which may be used to run the turbocharger.
Twizz, Oct 29 2007

       Not to mention this is baked by some old diesel engines that used exhaust scavenging superchargers, and has been posted here before.   

       Like [the dog's breakfast] mentioned, a good exhaust system will scavenge all by itself. The thing is, engines actually make more torque at low RPMs with a little bit of backpressure. So it isn't that the engineers of more restrictive exhaust systems on high performance cars aren't thinking, it's that engines dont always run best with no backpressure. Now if you can think of a good variable exhaust system, that will score all the points.
acurafan07, Oct 29 2007

       where is [acurafan07] when you need him?   

       More efficient? No. You have to get the power from somewhere.
evilpenguin, Oct 29 2007

       HOLY CRAP, that was freaky. Conpletely unintentional
evilpenguin, Oct 29 2007


       Usually I'm one of the first to comment on any new engine idea (unless it's mine). Too bad there aren't more of them.
acurafan07, Oct 29 2007


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