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under the sea glass tunnel

glass tunnels under water for road or rail
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glass tunnels allowing those in vehicles to look at what's under the sea duing their journey by road or rail
sukiyaki, Nov 26 2008

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       I, too would rather take the raik, to avoid accidents caused by drivers goggling at the scenery.
FlyingToaster, Nov 26 2008

       complete with fish viewing rest areas
sukiyaki, Nov 26 2008

       Are fish that interested in rest areas?
theleopard, Nov 26 2008

       glass enclosed rest areas for viewing sea-life
sukiyaki, Nov 27 2008

       How will you deal with air pressure, air exchange, condensation, land-slides, earthquakes, auto accidents, and mussle build-ups?
Voice, Nov 27 2008

       tunnel is similular to walk-through aquiriums and seaworld
sukiyaki, Nov 27 2008

       nice concept.
po, Nov 27 2008

       I wonder why they didn't make the channel tunnel out of glass?
wagster, Nov 27 2008

       There probably is a reason. Who knows? Crazy engineers.
theleopard, Nov 27 2008

       It's pretty dark and murky at the bottom of most oceans, what with all the constant rain of dead creatures floating down from higher up - in all but the most tropical of oceans. It wouldn't be long before the glass is coated with a murky layer consisting of fishbones, algae, the corpses of ex-plankton, old boots, pirate treasure - all the usual stuff - what would be needed is some kind of wiping device so that the view of the pitch-black depths could remain unobscured.   

       But perhaps it would be nice to create an underwater network of interconnecting tubes to link up lands in a tropical archipelago - an area like the Caribbean would benefit massively* from land-connections between islands, and maybe even to the mainland.   

       *actual benefits may not materialise
zen_tom, Nov 27 2008

apnea, Nov 27 2008

       Drive a BMW, it beats the bendz.
4whom, Nov 27 2008


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