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uphill skiing

uphill skiing
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Get a micro light engine and prop, strap it to your back, then go skiing over plains or even uphill.
EkranoMan, Apr 10 2015

Paramotor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paramotor
Known To Exist [8th of 7, Apr 10 2015]

SOLO personal water ski boat http://www.solowatersports.com/
[pashute, Apr 12 2015]

with a jet pack https://www.youtube...watch?v=icUCcDucII8
[pashute, Apr 12 2015]

Inspired by this? http://www.popularm...-powered-snowboard/
Jet-powered snowboard [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2015]

Or this? http://snowboarding...FJdtjlU9MPkqtxTx.97
Hand-held fans for snowboarding [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2015]


       What you're describing is the powerpack from a Paramotor. They're quite heavy. It would not be easy to balance on skis while wearing one, particularly if travelling at speed.
8th of 7, Apr 10 2015

       //strap it to your back// Given that skis on snow is not a friction-free interface, strapping it to your butt would work better.   

       Having a small engine on the end of each ski would be better than that: there's some moment arm there which would lessen precessional effects.   

       <sneaks into the back muttering something about pulsejet skipoles and backpack fuel tanks>
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2015

       // pulsejet skipoles and backpack fuel tanks //   

       <siren voices of temptation>   

       "JATO bottles ... JATO bottles ..."   

8th of 7, Apr 12 2015


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