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Road lane markers that flash in time at the speed limit
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You know those reflecto things in the highway that mark the lanes?

I want them to flash. Not only that, but I want them to be aware of the markers before and behind them, and to cooperate so that their combined behavior couses pulses of flashing to travel along the roadway at the speed limit, and the correct distance apart for vehicles to be travelling.

The important thing is that the behavior should not need a central controller to run them all - they work by watching their neighbours.


Damn. Already been thought of. :-)

PaulFromCanberra, Jun 03 2006

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       Sort of like the idea two up on the list there to your right?
methinksnot, Jun 03 2006

       How would it work?   

       Reflectors can't flash, so do you plan to use lights instead?
BJS, Jun 03 2006


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