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make a videophone from cable TV
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Since cable has much better transmission speed, why not to connect a camera and a microphone to cable TV. Creating additional channel for videophone and using account numbers to dial to another TV/videophone. Maybe creating some build in equipment in TV can be a good idea, so it can ring if there is a call.
egik, Mar 03 2003

Intel Video Phone http://www.intel.co...leases/CN120298.HTM
Uses your cable connection [reap, Oct 04 2004]

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       Hardware and technical issues aren't the problem, it's legal technicalities. Government doesn't want cable companies competing with phone companies. It's becoming moot, however, I can already send and receive phone calls on my computer. Eventually, TV and computer will merge into a combined, universal appliance.
whlanteigne, Jul 27 2003


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