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vodka turbine

add a still to an old school gas turbine
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vodka in a water jacket around pressurized chamber connected to several turboes run through a collector and use alcohol to burn for energy, injected by atomizing fuel injectors like off of a car. and high pressure steam injected down stream of the burn cones into main shaft turbine..... probably need high test booze though.
whitecowboy, Jun 27 2007

Children produce all the power you need... Toy-bine_20Windmills
Turbine, turbine, (t) turbine, turbine, (u) turbine... turbine. (r) Turbine? Turbine! (b) Tur-bine. (turbine) (i) *TURBINE* tUrBiNe, (n) Enibrut, 20211829145 (E!) [theleopard, Jun 27 2007]

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wagster, Jun 27 2007

       Vodka turbine: drink vodka - puke over turbine.
theleopard, Jun 27 2007

       More of a explanation needed here me thinks, I can't quite work out which process/result is intended for this. (aside, a while back they used to use water jackets to cool the barrels of machine guns,"voilà" vodka guns)
skinflaps, Jun 27 2007

       How about a vodka turbine distillery, where engine heat is used to distill alcohol for fuel used to run the engine?   

       Maybe that should be posted in the halfdistillery ...
nuclear hobo, Jun 27 2007


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