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wall of friends & acquaintances

remember the name of, and, better, flatter everyone you meet, by posting their photo (& name) in a giant evergrowing collage.
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carry your digicam, as you already do, throughout your month. take a photo of everyone you are introduced to, everyone whose names you think you ought to recall. at home, print and annotate with name, and add it to the Collage of Friends. if they ask why, being merely your dental assistant, you want their picture, just tell them the facts- explain this idea.

when your friends visit your house, they will enjoy looking at this collage, browsing for themselves, and seeing what mutual friends you might have. another way to execute this, is via fotolog.net. i am "terrible with names", and this sounds like nothing but fun and effective.

gnormal, Jul 18 2003

You can log in from here http://moniplex.com/half_baked_calendar
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

mug means face ( usually ugly ) http://www.londonslang.com/db/m/
beer mugs often depicted the faces of the famous and infamous [po, Oct 04 2004]

Very similar http://www.friendster.com
sorta kinda [dbsousa, Oct 04 2004]

Pericles http://moniplex.com...ain.php?picture=141
[half, Oct 04 2004]

My picture Number 1....from 2000ish http://moniplex.com...ain.php?picture=144
[silverstormer, Oct 04 2004]

My picture Number 2...from 2000ish http://moniplex.com...ain.php?picture=143
[silverstormer, Oct 04 2004]

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       "No, officer, this is wall of ACQUAINTANCES, not stalking victims..."
DeathNinja, Jul 18 2003

       I baked this. My room's walls and ceiling are covered with pictures and more pictures of the people I know (including pets, neighbours and pizza delivery people).   

       Now that I think about it... is there anything like a HB picture gallery where I could browse for my favorite baker's pictures? I'd like to add some of your faces to my collage.
Pericles, Jul 18 2003

       Just make sure you post your own.
DrCurry, Jul 18 2003

       If there's a place where I can, I will!
Pericles, Jul 19 2003

       Go to the main page (second link). Click "login". Choose a login name and password that you can remember (I'm getting a little tired of resetting those forgotten passwords...), click "Log In". You'll be back on the main page; click on "add picture" and do that thing.
DrCurry, Jul 19 2003

       WOW. I kind of wish I hadn't looked because all my mental pictures of you all were way different, and now I know. Hooray though, [DrC].
neilp, Jul 19 2003

       NIIIIIIICE!! I loved seeing your pictures. Looks like we have here a selection of good-looking people. I will add mine tomorrow night, there are lots of nice, silly ones. Gracias for the link!
Pericles, Jul 20 2003

       What neilp said. Especially DrC.
The Kat, Jul 20 2003

       Unabubba's unababy is particularly cute! Tis certainly strange seeing you all in the flesh but still most fascinating
hazel, Jul 20 2003

       I looked and I wish I hadn't. You are all even more bizarre looking than I ever imagined. I really thought Unabubba was a woman....! I think my favourite is DrBob's luverly sock. Enigmatic, ellusive, tantalising. I want to keep my delusions.
squeak, Jul 21 2003

       Alternate form: Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller has a custom-built home in Las Vegas called "The Slammer" that is built on a prison theme. Everyone who visits the house has their "mugshot" taken by digital camera, and the shots (each with the date of the visit) rotate on screens in the house.
krelnik, Jul 21 2003

       "Mugshot" really gives the wrong impression in that the pictures Penn collects are full body portraits, not just pictures of heads. Most people who really get booked also don't take off their clothes before being photographed, and if they did, they wouldn't look that good.
ping, Jul 21 2003

       linky. mug is slang for face.
po, Jul 21 2003

       // I thought Unabubba was a woman //   

       Oh my ... <speechless>.
RayfordSteele, Jul 21 2003

       [ping] Hmmmm, didn't know that. The tour I saw of his house had a very brief shot of the screen showing the rotating shots, and it surely appeared to me that they were shoulders-up only. Edited for television, perhaps?
krelnik, Jul 21 2003

       Thanks DrCurry, I just added my picture so you all can get rid of that mental picture you have of me... oh, and just before anybody is dissapointed, I am a girl, ok? Enjoy (or, um, not, whatever effect it will cause on you).   

       (Can anybody please let me know if I did this right, because as I added the picture I checked the picture list and mine is not there. Anyways, at least i tried)
Pericles, Jul 21 2003

       You are there, señorita.   

       (I added a link in case you still can't see your picture any other way.)
half, Jul 21 2003

       // I thought Unabubba was a woman //   

       How do you know he isn't?
PeterSilly, Jul 22 2003

       Hey, I'm somebody's favourite! Woohoo!
DrBob, Jul 22 2003

       hey half, what a lovely looking family.
po, Jul 22 2003

       Well, if nothing else, [Pericles], the photo should increase the number of marriage proposals for you to deny in advance. Gorgeous family.   

       [Rods Tiger], great photo! So serious. Suggestion: PNGs are lovely but maybe you should compress it a bit 'cause at 215Kb, it's pretty big.   

       [half], you need to paint your stair rails!
bristolz, Jul 22 2003

       This brings up a question: is it possible to delete pictures from the hb calendar?
k_sra, Jul 22 2003

       [k_sra], I like your self portrait.
bristolz, Jul 22 2003

       to [half] I meant pericles' ;)   

       but I already knew what a handsome intelligent looking chap you are and wifey has the most amazing cheekbones. a class act alright.   

       <phew, got out of that nicely, I think>
po, Jul 22 2003

       both Unababies are gorgeous - funny that!   

       have you got a new pic?
po, Jul 22 2003

       Hey thanks (half, po, bris) for the link to my picture and for the compliments. Those on the picture are some of my cousins (just some, I have 33 cousins just from my dad's side of the family) and the other 2 ladies wearing the same dress color as me are my sisters (and obviously, the bride is too).   

       (um, I should stop here before I bore everyone with my unwanted family stories; thanks anyways!)   

       I fell in love with the Unababy, and I have to agree that DrC looks totally different from my mental picture, but I liked looking at everyone in the eye all the same. All bakers should post pictures of themselves! I think it's really cool.
Pericles, Jul 22 2003

       Sheesh, everybody keeps saying that. What did you guys think I looked like, the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Al Capone? Professor Snape?
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       Snape comes the closest, after Hagrid, of course.
bristolz, Jul 22 2003

       bris: thanks for that, Prof. McGonagall.
k_sra/others: if you follow jutta's link to the list of pictures, you should see "edit" and "delete" buttons next to any pictures that you uploaded. (If you submitted the pictures to the previous version of the calendar, and they have my name on them here, drop me a line, and I'll reassign them.)
DrCurry, Jul 22 2003

       Ok, added mine. Must tell you they are from 2000 or 2001...
silverstormer, Jul 22 2003

       [bristolz]: I went to the park and took a sample chip of the paint, went to Home Depot and had a custom matched color mixed, took the bucket of paint to the park, scraped and repainted the railing, talked my way out of a fine and/or incarceration for painting on the city owned historic building, ruined a good pair of pants and a new pair of shoes with paint, made an emergency call to the photographer, called my wife home from work early, re-staged the photo (barely made it before sundown after working all day), paid extra for rush development of the picture, scanned and re-uploaded it. Happy now?
half, Jul 22 2003

       No, [half]. You should've at least put on a clean shirt.
bristolz, Jul 23 2003

       half, you amaze me :) and your expressions are *exactly* the same. the time on the clock is different though.
po, Jul 23 2003

       C Trebor: well, I guess I was right about your name. Though why you have posted a picture taken by the MI-5 anti-terrorist squad is beyond me.
DrCurry, Jul 23 2003

       Oh, ok, I finally figured it out. Thanks.
k_sra, Jul 23 2003


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