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watching paint dry

most 'relaxing' screensaver
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To start with, you must first select a surface on which paint can be applied (choice from an interior wall, doorstep, ceiling..etc - all realistic images). Then the colour of the paint must be specified. Finally, the type of finish must be chosen, such as matt, silk, gloss, satin, textured masonry or smooth masonry. click OK...sit back and watch that paint dry. If you leave the screensaver going for too long (i.e when the paint has dried) the paint may start to fade, get dirty or flake off. 'exciting' exterior walls will experience rain and subsequent weathering.
frenetic, Jul 24 2002

Andy Warhol's "Empire" http://entertainmen.../movie.aspx?m=60619
[Ander, Oct 04 2004]

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       too..much...excitement.. I'd never be able to leave the house!
Mr Burns, Jul 24 2002

       watch as that little drip gets bigger and bigger and bigger and there is nothing you can do about it.
po, Jul 24 2002

       [frenetic], this is great. I would buy this if it ever actually came out. Of course, being the horrible consumer that I am...Wonderful idea. Croissant!
canitbee, Jul 24 2002

       Defragmenting: watching paint dry for the computer generation.
kaz, Jul 24 2002

       Can't say I've ever 'watched' a screen saver, except while typing in the unlock password. Well, maybe the little guy on the island was fun for a few minutes, but it gets old really quickly. If this is your entertainment, get a life.
dag, Jul 24 2002

       my screensaver is brilliant. its a jungle scene and every so often an animal gets to walk/strut by and screech. my neighbours think I am conducting some sort of vivisection stuff in the No 1 son's old bedroom. as if!
po, Jul 24 2002

       What's next, a screen saver that shows a webcam of ice melting? Sigh. I understand and appreciate the sentiment behind this idea, but I prefer that my screen saver feature freaky flying windows, not that they're any more interesting. Maybe if the image were time-lapse and the paint would start to crack... or maybe I should just go do my crack now... hmmm.
polartomato, Jul 25 2002

       I feel the need to point out that ice melting is far more exciting than paint drying
Milkyteaboy, Jul 25 2002

       anyone know where I can get a copy of 'totally twisted afterdark'? My dad used to have that collection of screensavers on his computer at work, and they ruled. Flying toasters, the vomitorium (lizards wandered over the screen eating your icons and then puking it back up again), and all manner of bizarre screensavers. If anyone has a clue whether said product exixts anymore e-mail me or something.
also feel free to e-mail me if I'm being delusional, and the whole thing is some sick joke my imagination is playing on me.
kaz, Jul 25 2002

       Using no screensaver at all is cool... for LCD users.
Mr Burns, Jul 25 2002

       One of the points of a screensaver is that it only comes on when you're not using the PC. So what difference does it make what the actual screensaver does? You're not going to be looking at it anyway.
DrBob, Jul 26 2002

       some of idiots take it sooo seriously, dont you? trying to be clever with your realistic practical suggestions. does it occur to anyone that i did this for a bit of a l a u g h? yes, laugh. you people with ZERO sense of humour need to lighten up.
frenetic, Aug 13 2002

       ahhhhhhh, paint. marley fumes. i like this idea. can I market your brain on ebay?
anarchyburger, Aug 13 2002

       I have €250 from the dribbling gentleman in the straight-jacket in the corner.....
NickTheGreat, Aug 14 2002

       Theres EVERY need to be insulting - especially when it comes to dull drones like yourself, yamahito. youre right, i couldnt give a stuff if you changed your vote. G E T O U T M O R E.
frenetic, Sep 05 2002

       do not feed the troll
yamahito, Sep 05 2002

       My favorite screen saver is "Flying Windows", with a single-byte adjustment: instead of using character code 255, I use character code 77. The only problem with this screen saver is that, while it may accurately reflect the stability of Windows, it's not suitable for use in airports or aircraft.
supercat, Sep 05 2002

       Yegads, frenetic - calm down!
NickTheGreat, Sep 05 2002

       I can see the end of another account...
PeterSilly, Sep 06 2002

       Please say it's not me....
NickTheGreat, Sep 06 2002

       Love! Acceptance! Yay!
*Worships the mighty croissant*
NickTheGreat, Sep 06 2002


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