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water-activated shower recorder

For when inspiration hits
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Today I was in the shower and I had a great idea! I was so excited to get to work so that I could post it.

Unfortuneatly, the act of drying off erased any memory of the idea. I'm sure it's still in there somewhere, and I will recall it two weeks from now when I'm driving somewhere, and I can't write it down.

So, we need water-activated *audio* recorders installed in showers.

lawpoop, Oct 30 2003

home: shower http://www.halfbake...ry/Home_3a_20Shower
Catagory suggestion. [Laughs Last, Oct 04 2004]


       Is this the right category?   

       If not, let the idea read: "Water-activated audio recorders for all halfbakery members".
lawpoop, Oct 30 2003

       Or you could get some of those bath crayons they sell in Crabtree & Evelyn, and scrawl the idea on the shower wall.
DrCurry, Oct 30 2003

       Or a waterproof pad and pen like divers have.
squeak, Oct 30 2003

       I saw an article on businessmen-oriented hotels trying to offer better services, and one had a whiteboard in the shower for just this sort of thing.
krelnik, Oct 30 2003

       But the pens for whiteboards use water soluble ink...!
DrCurry, Oct 30 2003

       This is good. Maybe some would prefer a recorder that could also play karoake and record the results. You know, all those shower singers out there.
bristolz, Oct 30 2003

       They had special pens for that shower whiteboard.
krelnik, Oct 30 2003

       very funny, [o].   

       [lawpoop], get back in the shower if that's where you left it.
k_sra, Oct 30 2003

       I'd prefer a whiteboard myself, but I like the idea. Although for some people, this would involve fast forwarding through about 2 hours of bad, bad singing.
Detly, Oct 30 2003

       This happens to me all the time. I am so glad that I'm not the only one with this problem....   

       Sign me up for the first batch (+)
reap, Oct 30 2003

       Just do what I do: keep a permanent marker in the shower, and when you get a good idea, write it on yourself. No danger of that sucker washing off anytime soon.
Overpanic, Oct 31 2003

       Call me a luddite <pauses while you comply> but my job involves nothing but coming up with ideas, and I don't think this'll work. One thing I've learned is that ideas are always elusive, and will nearly always chose to come out just when you can't record them. If you put a recorder in the shower, ideas will happen elsewhere.

My guess is that it's because most ideas happen when you're reacting to something, rather than when you're sitting still with a pen in your hand, waiting for an idea. The only real way to be sure to capture your brilliant ideas is to cultivate a brilliant memory.

Try visualising yourself using your idea/invention. Find an image, preferably one which you can add an emotion to. Focus on one specific point in your image which will act as a trigger when you try to remember it. In theory.
Fishrat, Oct 31 2003


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