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waterslide culture
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Restructure our civilization around the waterslide as transportation. Basically all work will be in the center of the city with residences around the perimeter. But residences will be built on giant stilts (the more prestige or power the individual has, the higher their stilts will be). Each residence will be connected to the downtown hub by a waterslide. To get to work in the morning, we simply hop on a mat and ZIP! In the evening, there is an equally long set of stairs next to the slide that one jogs up to get home, resulting in an excellent workout and a society of healthy people.
muppetboy, Nov 21 2002

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       Thought: 1 Disabled persons   

       2 Aged or older persons   

       3 Emergencies   

       4 Thats a long way back to the top if you live up there. Nice futureristic vision though.
skinflaps, Nov 21 2002

       I dunno, I like ice-skating.
DrCurry, Nov 21 2002

       I'm all for it! picture this- Me slideing 7,000ft down a Icy shute and falling 5ft onto a frozen pool only to crash through the ice and get trapped. how would you write that up in the obituary? maybe "his last moments were more exciteing then his almost last moments were last winter"???
Cracked Helmut, Nov 26 2002

       5. Homer
rapid transit, Jul 07 2003

       I'm bunning, but only with this modification. First, the center of the city is on a hill and the houses are in lowlands. You get to work in some conventional way - busses... no, strike that. You get to work by gondola - this is also your way home in bad weather. At the end of the work day a bell rings and everyone drops what they are doing, strips off their clothes, grabs a mat, and runs for their waterslide home.
Worldgineer, Jul 07 2003

       Wouldn't there be massive collisions in the town hub? It's hard to steer those things, and they'd all be converging in one spot.
schematics, May 13 2004

       I was going to post the same idea! When I saw yours up here, I took it down. This is such a good idea!   

       The second best method of transport I can imagine is Zip lines!
EdisonsTwin, Jul 03 2006


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