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windshield faceguard

preventing deaths in "submarine" car wrecks
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you know, the type where the truck bumper goes thru the windshield or the roof creases and does a frontal section thru your cranium and you have brains-in-lap like in the gore sites on the net?

innovation #1 pleated roofs, they only would intrude one inch while being peeled back.

innovation #2 catchers faceguard over windshield to prevent intrusion. would be padded and you SHOULD wear a seatbelt with this so YOU dont bang against it!

innovation #3 rollbars like in NASCAR for sidehits and rollovers as well as submarines

innovation #4 encourage crash helmets

drpoundsign, Feb 24 2004

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       #s 2, 3 and 4 are widely known to exist, hence inappropriate on this site. #1 does not sound like it would work. What holds it up? #3? See above. See _help_ link to left for useful guidelines for use of this site. (this help is not just how to opreate the interface here, but more about how to understand what to post. Really like a FAQ link)   

       This is advocacy/let's all. You should delete it, or change it to meet the guidelines.
oxen crossing, Feb 24 2004


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