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youtube laptop alarm clock

opens youtube (or any url) at a designated time
  [vote for,

Then you can choose if you want to wake up with Alizbar playing the star of the County Down, or Ponty Python Always Look at the Bright Side of Light.
pashute, Jun 17 2009


       Ideally this would insert itself virally, and open questionable youtube content 3 minutes after Outlook showed meeting with boss to have begun.
bungston, Jun 17 2009

       I voted for it because its an interesting idea but it would be quite expensive, at least to begin with, how about an MP3 alarm clock, it would be cheaper at least.
Hirudinea, Jun 17 2009

       Leaves you wide open to rickrolling.
spidermother, Jun 18 2009

       MortPlayer has an alarm clock, and the file to play can be remote...
loonquawl, Jun 18 2009

       If it were set to play a random YouTube video, that would be sort of scary.
hippo, Jun 18 2009

       OK, baked. Should I delete this? Or, as usual are the anno's more interesting than the half eaten ideas?
pashute, Aug 05 2009

       OK, re-reading the annos, here's an improvement (makes it 3/4 bakery): YouTube alarmclock browser add-on.   

       Now you're too tired to see this movie now, instead of just bookmarking it, have it added to tomorrow morning's playlist...
pashute, Aug 05 2009

       what, you mean you can't just add a line to the scheduling file:   

       @ 7:30AM LAUNCH IEXPLORE "WWW.fatchance.com" ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 05 2009


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