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I am a 34 year old guy from Sweden, working as a programmer. You can reach me through the following e-mail address: mailto:hb2.20.bjorn@spamgourmet.com

[Oct 16 2003, last modified Jan 27 2009]
(+2, -1) Atomic Wedgie Cap
(+3) CDs with per-track categorization
(+1) Choreographed Airplane Safety Instruction
(+2) Grocery Receipt Poetry
(+2) Hell's Angels Gym Service
(+2, -1) Inflatable Cell Phone
(+2) Laugh Buddy
(+2) Living Bug Jewelry
(+4, -1) Peer-to-peer Take-Away
(+2) T9 dictionaries for subcultures
(+1) Tabloid for Skeptics
(+3, -1) Tight Spot Movie

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