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Hell's Angels Gym Service

A threatening HD driver turns up on your door step if you don't show up at the gym each week
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The hardest part in working out is getting to the actual gym. I would like a service where some tough guys come to your house/work and makes sure you actually go to the gym. Maybe even drive you there on the Harley if they are in a good mood. Each time they need to show up, you're billed accordingly. (Note: I am not talking about Slavercise here!)
Brummo, Aug 14 2003


       I'm already paying them to leave me alone.
k_sra, Aug 14 2003

       Could I hire the guys to make sure that kids get to school too? If they are dumb enough they could also supervise homework. Too dumb to help, but still there to make sure it gets done.
kbecker, Aug 14 2003

       // Too dumb to help, but still there to make sure it gets done //   

       [kbecker] Sounds like most management.
DeathNinja, Aug 14 2003

       you found a good use for the mafia! ...are you talkin to me? ..(wham!) do (wham) your (wham) homework!
crispee, Aug 14 2003

       Wow! Only one (+) and that is pathetically by myself. Maybe i should hope for some rough guy to turn up at my door step and intimidate me into posting better ideas here :)
Brummo, Aug 14 2003

       Don't be shy, this is not the US Patents and Trademarks Office.
kbecker, Aug 14 2003

       Isn't this service free when you join the military?
LabRat, Aug 15 2003

       You're ridin' Bitch, sweetheart.
thumbwax, Aug 15 2003


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