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Choreographed Airplane Safety Instruction

The airplane safety instruction presented in a trendy choreographed style
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When I recently flew with Ryan Air, all the stewards/hostesses where young males. And when they were showing the safety instructions before the take-off, it was nearly like watching one of those MTV boy bands.

Why not take it the whole way and actually play some "trendy" pop music and have a little "dance" number where they show you how to use the oxygen mask, the way to the emergency exits and so on.

It would be more attention grabbing than the ordinary safety instructions, that most people seem to ignore. And it would probably be more fun for the staff as well.

If you really dislike it, you will be even more eager to know where the emergency exits are.

It should of course not be on all flights, no steward/hostess should be forced to participate in this.

Brummo, Oct 18 2003


       i think the only person who has more time on their hands then you is me for annotating this
Space-Pope, Oct 18 2003

       Brum, I thought that they were all just holding down the Ryanair job UNTIL they got in an Irish Boy Band
gnomethang, Oct 18 2003

       Well what can you say about this?   

       See? There you go.   

       Thomas Dolby had dancers do this to "Flying North" on one of his very first tours.
waugsqueke, Oct 18 2003

       I think this is a fantastic idea, if a bit degrading. It would surely lighten the mood prior to take off.
phoenix, Oct 19 2003

       "Y.M.C.A" might fit the "Oxygen masks will drop from the panel above your heads" spiel better.
hippo, Oct 19 2003

       <Allegro vivace>   

       half ba-ker,
Let’s get that gut buckled up,
Come on 'ba-ker, this might just save your butt,
Hey 'ba-ker, when we drop from the skies,

       There’s no need to be un-happy

       half ba-ker,
Our pilots know what to do,
And ‘ba-ker you’ve got the whole village crew,
Still ‘ba-ker, don’t think it won’t be a zoo,

       Just think of all those good times

How fun it was to fly Y Do U D’Air?
How fun it was to fly Y Do U D’Air?

       Our planes were white knuckle clean,
Our pilots prayed at each meal,
For you we hung by our heals,

Were you listening to me?
I said ‘ba-ker, please return to your seat,
Hey ‘baker, here comes the stuff of your dreams,

       But first you must do one last thing

Pinch your nose, hold on tight,
I said ‘ba-ker, this is the end of our flight,
So ‘ba-ker, together we might,
Sing it now,

       <ensemble> "Why does this have to be me?"   


       For [hippo] -forgive me.
Tiger Lily, Oct 19 2003

       //Do it to the tune, "Leavin', on a jet 'plane" ?//   

       Or to press home the importance of the safety demo a bit more firmly-   

       "Burnin' on a jet 'plane"
squigbobble, Jan 15 2004


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