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Living Bug Jewelry

The only creeps you'll let near your body
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Transparent hollow necklaces, bracelets and similar things, with actual live bugs running around inside them. You buy your necklace and various sets of bugs to insert into the necklace (if you don't want to grow your own). The personal fashion statement is in the composition of bugs you choose.

A spin-off would be the Pokebug watch. A transparent wrist-watch with live bugs, that have various feeding/climate controls so you can control the future of your tiny pets.

Another spin-off would be the ability to connect two different pieces of jewelry , perhaps to have the bugs battling it out (play with a friend).

- Waiter, a large steak for me and some rotten meat for my watch.

Brummo, Aug 17 2003

Pets That Live On Your Face. http://www.halfbake..._20On_20Your_20Face
[Amos Kito, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Things that have dead bugs preserved in them are sad. This is creepy. It sounds like it would be a big hit in Japan.
wombat, Aug 17 2003

       Ditto, [FarmerJohns] anno to [Blissmiss]'s Breakfast bugs.   

       I fail to see the "ditto". His annotation only says "Call it Insectincide."?
Brummo, Aug 17 2003

       Would that not be a good name for this jewelry?   

       I think you'd be screaming - morning, noon and night.
thumbwax, Aug 17 2003

       [2 fries]: OK, I agree with that. Was just 'fraid I missed something, in my dictionary "ditto" means "duplicate" (the old "fear-of-bakery"). How about "NeckLice"?   

       [blissmiss]: I too would find it scary, not to say ethically questionable, but I had to get the idea out of my system. Maybe the jewelry would function as exposure therapy.
Brummo, Aug 17 2003

       Sorry, it's very Baked. The Amazon Indians wore live beetles on necklaces like "living jewels." They're actually pretty, for bugs...
spacecadet, Dec 01 2003

       [spacecadet] Do you mean to say they wore beetles that were ALIVE? As far as I can gather, they used real beetles for jewelry, but they weren't alive at the time. My idea is about live bugs, full of life, within jewelry.
Brummo, Dec 08 2003

       Well, the bug jewelry I make is not at all creepy, the bugs are already dead!! Check out my beetle brooches at www.stores.ebay.com/beautifulbugs In mexico, they used to glue a leash and jewels onto these one type of beetles, beetles that did not eat as an adult, and then pin it on the shirt. The bugs were able to walk around on your shirt. when you were done wearing it for the day, you would put him back in his cage. cool huh? ginginny
ginginny, Feb 29 2004


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