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Grocery Receipt Poetry

Receipt with printed poetry on the back
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When you buy something in the store, you get a receipt. The idea is to have poetry on the backside of the receipt.

The simple version could be just to have pre-printed receipt rolls with "poetry of the day", or maybe short philosophical musings. This might very well be baked.

The more advanced version is to print poetry on the fly on the back of the recipe. This could be tailored to the purchase at hand.

If you buy onions, you might get

"There is in every cook's opinion
No savoury dish without an onion:
But lest your kissing should be spoiled
The onion must be thoroughly boiled"
- Jonathan Swift

If you buy lasagna:

"He who looks at magnitude
Is often mistaken.
A grain of pepper conquers
Lasagna with its strength."
- Iacopone da Todi

For the clever merchant, the poetry could instill temptation to further purchases (in the lasagna example, a customer might be tempted to buy pepper, if now pepper wasn't so common in most kitchens)

Brummo, Oct 14 2003

Culinary Poetry http://www.foodrefe...tml/poemshumor.html
Some inspirational food poetry [Brummo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I agree it should be tailored to the content of your purchase. Perhaps the tone could also depend on the nutritional quality of your groceries. +
lintkeeper2, Oct 14 2003

       [Rods Tiger]: Yes, any kind of poetry is of course poetry. What I meant, for the simple version of the idea, was that there would be new poetry on each roll (or on each batch of rolls), so the next day at the store, you (most likely) get a new poem.
Brummo, Oct 14 2003

       A diaper a day keeps the cathater away.
k_sra, Oct 14 2003

       Buy a banana
For spinster Aunt Anna.
FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2003

       Dear shopper, who bought so much fresh-smelling fish
You seem to be cooking up a whole lot of grub
If you make up to much of that sweet tender dish
You can always go share it on the Peer-to-peer Hub
Brummo, Oct 18 2003


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