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I like tools. I like to make stuff. More on this exciting treatise later...

You can reach/stalk me at

kandj8(the symbol I call screwed-up A)verizon.net

[Mar 08 2006, last modified Jul 12 2006]

(+2, -1) Baby-Snooze Baby Monitor
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) Boo-Boo Wrapper Blaster
(+11, -8) Class Assignment: The HB
(+15, -1)(+15, -1) Grown-Up Curb Jumper
(+41, -2)(+41, -2)(+41, -2) Lemonade Tray of Seduction
 Master Acronym
(+11)(+11) Mesmer's Bistro
(+8, -2) Newton Gloves
(+18)(+18) Pajamaloons
(+7, -10) Right Bach At Cha' Vest
(+5, -4) Scene Setter (Macho Man Edition)
 Seatbelt Alarm Delayer
(+6, -1) Speak 'n Abacussing
(+18, -1)(+18, -1) The Living Bed
(+6, -4) The Never Lose Paperweight
(+13)(+13) Top 'o the fridge cleaners

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