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Top 'o the fridge cleaners

Let the wee little ones do the work for you
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I know I'm a little over six feet tall and I should notice these things more often but today mine eyes focused on the top of my fridge and I was horrified. Okay, not really but my wife was horrified and I went along with it. It was a mess of black grease encrusted dust that, really, has no place in any house of my wife's.

So I propose this- a whole hoard (two or three) of mini romba like cleaners that only clean one specific counter areas such as the top of the fridge, at least until the brains and environmental awareness on these things get a little bit more robust. They would be cheap enough to have one on each surface and would recharge from ambient light or charger, depending on how much the counter/ top of fridge needed to be cleaned.

The collected goo/gunk would be compressed into tiny little pellets that it would deposit and then just brush off the counter for the floor romba to take care of.

If they get into trouble they call council and they send out more mini robots with guns.

NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 20 2006


       buy her a step ladder.
po, Oct 20 2006

       I keep whisky and money on the top of the fridge, could the room ba loom ba's be alerted not to touch certain things?
Chefboyrbored, Oct 20 2006

       I like this, if only for the fact that the dirt gets pelleted and jettisoned. A little spider that used to live on some railings in my garden did this every night.He'd go around the previous night's web, collecting fluff and other detritus, roll it into balls and then flick it away. Then he used the still-serviceable, cleaned threads as part of his new web. Clever.
squeak, Oct 24 2006

       + I need this, but also they must clean the bowls and pans and other stuff that have to be stored up there.
xandram, Oct 24 2006

       //...it with a much bigger, more buttery bun//
I like butter. Butter is good.

       //they must clean the bowls and pans and other stuff...//
Please, [xandram], can we keep this in the world of reality? I mean there's no reason to get crazy here with far out ideas that can't ever be...wait- what am I saying? Consider it done. They now wash everything on the counter and if something breaks, they call council and they send out more mini robots with glue guns to fix it.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 24 2006

       Do you think we could teach them to pick stuff up and carry it? I could really use a bunch of little robots running around cleaning my room. They could stack my cds nicely, and figure out the best way to arrange things.
istill316, Dec 04 2006

       [NotTheSharpestSpoon] Mine is not The Sharpest of Ideas.   

       Make dust sensing & sucking robots and confine their movement to areas of dust ingress (doors, windows, cracked walls, if any) to keep everything clean. But be careful. Sometimes, as you enter the space, they will also suck your shoes. (+)   

       Alternately, use disposable top cover for the fridge.
vedarshi, Dec 04 2006

       Robots that make rat droppings for other robots to clean up? The local mice will be insulted and intrigued.
popbottle, Jan 22 2017


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