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[Jan 03 2008]
(+4, -3) Custard powered self heating bun
(+2, -1) Electric themostat valve
(+2, -3) Fish powered boat
 Fuel as mass KERS system
(+2, -5) Fuel Scoops
(+4) hula hoop alternator
(+13)(+13) Peanut powered truck
(-7)(-7) polystyrene filled box sections
(+1, -4) Rocket horse
(+5, -15)(+5, -15) Satan Juice
(+6, -4) SD RAM raid array
(+4, -2) Stealth Windmills
 Storm power
(+11, -2)(+11, -2) The okay nod
(+5, -2) voice to text message application
(-3) Wildlife energy

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