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Fuel as mass KERS system

fuel flywheel
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In F1 the KERS systems fitted to some cars store kinetic energy using either batteries or flywheels and release it to provide a power boost.

What about using a variable mass fluid filled flywheel with pumped fuel as the ballast?

Pat-O-Cake, Feb 01 2010

Be the flywheel Be_20the_20Flywheel
similar sentiment [bungston, Feb 01 2010]


       For F1? Yes, why not? I don't fancy having a rapidly-spinning fuel-tank in my own car, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2010

       Actually, the driver is probably the heaviest single component of an F1 car - how about using him as the flywheel? To be realistic, he'd have to rotate axially, and would probably need to drive in a prone position. The steering wheel, indicators, windscreen washers, ashtray, satnav etc would all have to rotate in synch, so perhaps what's needed is a sort of cylindrical cockpit with rotable couplings to the rest of the car.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 01 2010

       After ruling out the driver, the engine, and then the gearbox I opted for the fuel.   

       The gearbox was 2nd choice to the fuel! The diff would have been fixed in place along with the gearcage and eingine.
Pat-O-Cake, Feb 01 2010

       And KERS stands for?   

       Kinetic Energy Release System?
zen_tom, Feb 02 2010

       And the positive aspect of a flywheel system* could be that it stops the car from spinning.   

       And the negative aspect of a flywheel system* could be that it stop the car from turning.   

       *non contra-rotating.
Ling, Feb 02 2010

       I'm not convinced that there is enough mass. How many gallons of fuel does an F1 car carry when full?
WcW, Feb 02 2010

       Maybe more to the point: How many gallons of fuel does an F1 car carry when empty?
Ling, Feb 02 2010


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