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Wildlife energy

Capture energy from the animals around us
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Imagine you got up one morning found a small flock of geese, captured them. and tied their feet to a shaft connected to an alternator.

The geese would fly round and round in circles happily generating power. When the geese were exhausted one could release them back into the wild. The set up would resemble oxen used to turn millstones.

Now that's just too labour intensive all this saddling up of birds so the great innovation is that the birds used are wild and they are attracted to the perch/saddle and want to work for us.

Make it fun for them so they just turn up and get on with the job on their own terms.

Store the power in batteries and ther we have free energy.

Pat-O-Cake, Nov 03 2009


       And the goose shit would go...??? Flying through the air I presume. Nice...
blissmiss, Nov 03 2009

       You could do this with children in a playground and it would be more fun.
bungston, Nov 04 2009

       Or with thousands of ants tied to strings revolving around a central shaft. May I suggest "science: energy: bioenergy: animal" as a category for this? I was just browsing through that section and this idea came to mind.
DrWorm, Nov 04 2009


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