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Custard powered self heating bun

chocolate or vanilla
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A future iced bun filled with special self warming custard. Once a fresh bun is squeezed an edible vile/vial inside the techno custard breaks and the custard warming begins.

In a few seconds a warm custard eco bun is created.

One would hope that the warming chemicals taste extra nice!

Pat-O-Cake, Nov 24 2009

Fisher & Donaldson Fudge Doughnuts http://www.fisheran...son.com/bfudge.html
If you don't live in Fife or Dundee, look away now. Not self-heating. [pocmloc, Nov 26 2009]


       Hmmmm. It's gonna be salty.   

       if the bun is vile, then who's going to want it on their plate?
neo_, Nov 25 2009

       No, I think that the inside of such a bun is likely to be both edible, and vile.
pocmloc, Nov 25 2009

       We need a special croissant for Thanksgivng. But this may not be it.
blissmiss, Nov 25 2009

       Sodium acetate would do this and is edible. It even has an E number. However, it's also the flavouring agent in salt and vinegar flavoured crisps.
nineteenthly, Nov 25 2009

       I was hoping for a controlled combustion of custard powder to heat the bun.
Aristotle, Nov 26 2009

       I think the bun is meant to be complete at the end of the explosion - I mean heating process, not splattered all over the ceiling.
pocmloc, Nov 26 2009

       [pocmloc] not all gunpowder uses causes explosions. Maybe dough-enclosed custard powder could be used to create a mortar that shoots these comestibles towards eager customers ...
Aristotle, Nov 26 2009

       Ah you mean using it as rocket fuel?
pocmloc, Nov 26 2009

       Maybe the bun could implode. It could begin as a chamber filled with powdered ingredients suspended in pure oxygen, then be compressed and cook itself by the resultant combustion. Some of the ingredients would have to be non-flammable. Talcum powder maybe?
nineteenthly, Nov 26 2009

       [pocmloc] Yes, involve a bun in a some form of extreme combustion like that it is bound to heat up. Hopefully we could trade destruction for locomotion.   

       Although my physics does not extend to implosions, [nineteenthly], that does sound spectacular.
Aristotle, Nov 26 2009

       Well, it's become an idea now.
nineteenthly, Nov 26 2009


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