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I am Tangora and if your here you must seen one of my items. Feel free to look at other ones. By the way, I don't have the resources to make any of this come true,(right now), but if I do, I will attempt a shot at them. Hopefully, you'll like it. Oh, Ialso enjoy Video games alot, so I will be pitching quite a few. Curse you Riddler...

[Jul 04 2005, last modified Dec 19 2005]
(+1, -9)(+1, -9) A Cat Scaring Machine
(+5, -1) Flamethrower Fun!
(+1, -4) Freeze Tank
 The Contact Camera
(-3) The Crapper Tank
(-1) The Real ultimate driving sim
(-2) The Suspense Rollercoaster
(-1) Trapped
(+1, -26)(+1, -26)(+1, -26) Turn the Moon into a WMD

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