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The Contact Camera

A Camera That doubles as acontact lens
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Heres the thing. If you seen fear facter you've seen that bulky camera they strap to your head so they can see what your seeing. Well with advancements in technology why not fit a super small camera in a contact lense. But I'm not proposing this for fear facter, but for law enforcment.

In a court of law sometimes its my word against theirs but if you had a camera in your eye that saw everything you did, it could crack the case wide. Of course every time the lense was taken out the footage would be removed via digital computer hookup. While the footage uploads, you insert another contact lense and keep the movie of your life going.

Tangora, Jul 04 2005

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       Isn't it going to be a tad difficult building a camera into something that is, of necessity, transparent?
//Heres// sp. "Jerez"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005

       //with advancements in technology why not fit a super small camera in a contact lense// - Sadly, we're not even close. That technology would be sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic, which isn't allowed around here. Welcome to the hb.
wagster, Jul 04 2005

       Television: a camera that doubles as a blindfold.
baconbrain, Jul 04 2005

       You might not get a camera into a contact lens (good point regarding transparency, AWOL - though perhaps some 90%-transparent device might capture enough light and still be see- throughable?) but you could presumably make spectacles or a forehead- mounted prosthesis and link that to eye movements?

But there's another problem, I suspect, with a camera that 'tracks' your view. The eye dances about all over the place all the time, jumping from point to point. The brain suppresses all of the movement and reconstructs a "steady" image from the mosaic of glances. If you could project your eye's *actual* view on TV, I think it would look pretty horrible. Much better to bolt the camera to your head - less chaotic movement, and you'd still be filming roughly where you were looking.
Basepair, Jul 04 2005

       Fear facter n. an organisation (and, less often, an individual) that exists for the sole purpose of frightening the shit out of you with alarming and upsetting facts. "Top stories tonight. *BONG* Eggs make you gay *BONG* Terrorists target homeowners *BONG* Gypos in your area *BONG*"
calum, Jul 04 2005

       <trivia time>
"The eye dances about all over the place all the time, jumping from point to point."

       That jumping movement is called a saccade. For grins you can suppress the saccade by turning your eyes all the way to the right or left (constraining their motion) and then rotating your head slowly in the opposite direction. You'll get a smooth, camera-like pan. Very unnatural.
bristolz, Jul 04 2005

       //That jumping movement is called a saccade.// Ah yes, that takes me back to physiology lectures. Do I remember rightly there are two types of saccade - long ones intended to redirect the gaze, and tiny ones intended to jiggle the scene just enough to stop the retina 'accomodating' and ceasing to register the static image?

Oooooh - I just tried your panning-action trick. It is AWSOME! With your eyes 'locked', you really do pan, camera-style, and it very very weird - almost sick-making. I guess that shows you how non- camera-like our normal vision is. Thanks for telling me that - it's really weird!!
Basepair, Jul 04 2005

       This is being developed in the form of a retinal implant that is hoped will return sight to people with damaged retinas.   

       Possible other uses could be to augment existing sight (seeing extended parts of the spectrum etc) or by a totalitarian state to view or (worse) broadcast images directly to their populace.   

       As far as an anti-crime measure, wouldn't a would-be criminal simply remove their contacts (after dimming the lights and pretending to go to sleep for example) before going on a murderous rampage with apparent impunity? ("Honest your Honour, I was asleep all the time, and here's the video to proove it")
zen_tom, Jul 04 2005

       [Zent] I thought the idea was that the images recorded by the *witness* would be used as evidence? And you've got to try the thing Bristolz suggested - it is so weird.
Basepair, Jul 04 2005

       [bris] - there are now people around the world gazing left and spinning right and saying "Wow!". I'm one of them. And [zen_tom] was worried about being controlled by the government...
wagster, Jul 04 2005

       [Basep] ouch, yes, just tried the eye-thing - I'm going to try that next time I'm on the speeding arm of a trans-pacific rotor...   

       Really devious criminals could simply put the lights out and *swap* contact lenses.
zen_tom, Jul 04 2005

       a camera contact lens was one of the many implausible plot devices of "I Spy" (starring Eddie Murphy & Owen Wilson).
xaviergisz, Jul 04 2005

       I tried to *really* look round to the right, but it only worked when I stopped waggling my ears.
Actually, It's made me feel quite ill - I wear glasses, and I'm not so used to turning my eyes to the left or right.
Ling, Jul 05 2005


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