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The Crapper Tank

A divice that burns up droppings into a smoke as power
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The device would store up doo-doo in a tank until its big enough to burn into energy! (Gas mask not included)
Tangora, Nov 05 2005

Biogas (or bio-gas) generation http://www.mpumalan...tory.asp?story=4588
[Zuzu, Nov 05 2005]


       That's gonna leave a smell. Not a good one, either.
Cedar Park, Nov 05 2005

       Does it have to be big to burn? Is that the problem I'm having?
ldischler, Nov 05 2005

       Excellent, unfunny, idea. Oddly, yes, I think this is somewhat baked. Saw a program about a village in Africa where they used the leavings of the cows, people etc which was mulched into a big tank. Tank collected methane gas from the mulch giving the entire group 4-6 hours electric in the evening.   

       Sounds gross, but it was actually good; kids could read for school at night and still farm during day. The tank was located a bit out of the village. The villagers were paid a small amount for the leavings and could reclaim it after use to fertilize crops. <link>
Zuzu, Nov 05 2005

       there's one of these in Washington already, only this one has the power to drop burnings
xenzag, Nov 06 2005


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