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Freeze Tank

A tank that can freeze things.
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The possiblity of a HAND-HELD freeze ray is completely absurd, (heres looking at you bovine), however, a freezing tank could be plausible. Using that chemical that freezes things quikly,(Liquid Nitrogen? I forget), people and objects, mostly vehicle motors I suppose could be frozen. Though at the moment it may seem a little absurd when you could easily blow stuff up, but if there ever is a shortage of materials for shells, chemical can be made again and again...
Tangora, Nov 05 2005


       This is already available in a lot of ways, but not really useful. The easiest one to get is a can of "air" for dusting computer keyboards, available in the electronics department of Wal-Mart, for instance. Turn it upside-down and it shoots out a blast of very cold liquid that evaporates before it has gone more than a foot or so. I think it is CO2, but I'm not sure. A CO2 fire extinguisher can freeze things, and looks a lot like that. I've never used a dusting can to freeze anything, though.
baconbrain, Nov 05 2005

       Your big heat changes come with phase changes. So you're best off with a product that changes phase as it comes out of the can - for maximum freezing power.   

       Some of the lighter refrigerants are probably the most useful, with the old favourite Freon probably being the most useful. Except for the whole ozone-depletion thing.   

       What I'm saying is - compressed CO2 in a can has no-where near the heat capacity as liquid CO2, or liquid anything that's going to evaporate quickly.   

       Liquid nitrogen can't be kept that way without a Dewar, so that's never going to happen, even though it's nice and cold. As I said before, look at some of the lighter halogenated hydrocarbons and there'll be some suitable.   

       Otherwise, use something like liquid ethane. Should do a good job of freezing stuff, then if you really want to do bad things, set fire to it after you're done freezing the bad guys.
Custardguts, Apr 29 2010

       Ammonia has good stats in that respect.
FlyingToaster, Apr 29 2010


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