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The Real ultimate driving sim

Kick GT4 in the pants.
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What if a driving sim was made as close as possible to driving home from work? I suspect that this driving sim would be more or less used in schools then in home. It would be a virtual recreation of the place it is in. Using all the building hills and whatnot. This would be achieved via online maps and personal programing. so the people who live there can sculpt the game to the colors of the real town. Then sequences such asdriving to school and back, picking up a date or rush hour (*laughs*) can play out. This of course would be as close to the wheel as someone whithout a licence can get.
Tangora, Jul 04 2005

Redundant. http://uk.videogame...getaway-efa214.html
Baked, for those of us who live in London - and no congestion charge. [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 04 2005]


       What AWOL said. So satisfying.
wagster, Jul 04 2005


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